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Alena will be teaching two classes in Ojai this October!

The first is a class on backyard organic gardening in collaboration with Heritage Gatherings at the Ojai Valley Inn on Saturday, October 5 from 2:15 to 5 p.m.  Learn the basics of how to plant, grow, tend + harvest an abundant + diverse garden of veggies, fruit, flowers + herbs.  The class will include advice on building soil, composting, planting with the seasons + companion planting for a garden lovely to both humans + the other-than-human world.  For more information about the weekend gathering and to register go here.

And on Saturday, October 19 join Alena under the trees at Poco Farm from 2:30 to 5 for a class on planning, growing, harvesting + preparing medicine from your garden.  Fall is the perfect time for planting many native California medicinal plants, trees + shrubs + perennials + spring-blooming annuals just in time for winter rains.  This class will cover the basics of preparing space in your garden for herbs, as well as essential apothecary plants for a diversity of uses (stress + anxiety relief, hormonal support, sleep aids, wound-healing, smooth digestion, etc.).  We will learn how to harvest herbs to dry for tea + to infuse herbal oils, vinegars, honeys + alcohol.  You will leave with an herbal vinegar with diverse medicinal + culinary uses.  Come prepared with a notebook, a map of your garden space + a sense of what support you are seeking from plants.  For more information and to register go here

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