Tulsi // holy basil, anise hyssop, stinging nettle, calendula + raspberry leaf


A full-bodied sip of the summer garden which supports daily nutrition + a gentle belly + mind.  Each of these plants flourishes in the heat, creating a dense + wild riot of color + fragrance which attracts hummingbirds, honeybees + many solitary native bees to the garden, as well as a full complement of predators such as immense dancing spiders + hungry phoebes + flycatchers sitting on the fenceposts in wait. 


Tea is the most wonderful way to incorporate medicinal plants into your everyday.  No matter how busy you are, taking a moment to brew tea + sip it while it’s hot is the most relaxing + caring thing you can do for yourself.  


Tulsi // holy basil embodies this practice, as a plant that works over time to protect your body from the damages of stress, while restoring + repairing various organs + systems which wear out over time.


This tea is complemented with the sweet licorice taste of anise hyssop, a gentle nervine which soothes digestion + relaxes your mind.


Stinging nettles, dried from our spring harvest, are rich in chlorophyll, vitamins + minerals which build strong bones + blood.


Calendula is a cooling herb whose bitterness supports smooth digestion. 
Raspberry leaf is another mineral-rich tonic which tones + supports tissues + organs.   
Steep tea for at least 20 minutes, covered.  1 to 2 tablespoons per cup.  To make a truly medicinal tea, it is best to steep herbs in hot water overnight + then reheat.  Simply pour boiling water over 4 tablespoons of tea in a quart mason jar + allow to sit covered overnight.  The color will be deep + rich by the next morning.  

Daily Ritual

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