Box of homegrown + handmade botanical medicine reflecting the wheel of the year in our organic garden.  Farm boxes are offered at a discount rate for the year's investment. Since we are sold out of our Spring share, the year's subscription is four boxes, one available every other month in July, September, November + January.  Next share available earliest July. [Pics of our sold out Spring 2020 share]


WHAT TO EXPECT: Our Summer share in the time of Coronavirus highlights plants for deep health + wellness amidst the full energy of summer, including:


Sweet Bitters (1 oz.) : dandelion root, yellow dock root, anise hyssop + chamomile in organic cane spirits


Mood Mover (1 oz.): anise hyssop, lemon bergamot, tulsi + blue vervain in organic apple cider vinegar + organic cane spirits


Flower Power Mist (2 oz.): hydrosols of rose geranium, hummingbird sage + tulsi, calendula toner + motherwort flower essence


Summer tea (2 oz.): tulsi, lemon balm, milky oats, raspberry leaf + chamomile


+ illustrated herbal zine that tells you more about these plants, how to use them + how they relate to body systems

Herbal CSA Year Subscription

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