Stinging nettle leaf + seed, lemon bergamot + burdock infused into apple cider vinegar + honey


A spicy, earthy oxymel for grounding our bodies in the web of life + nourishing the waters within. Burdock is a plant of the swamps + waste places, thriving in our garden without any attention whatsoever + able to turn even poor + used-up soil into supple green leaves + pungent roots. Burdock moves fluid + purifies, with particular support for our liver, the body's center of health + strength which is the gatekeeper of our blood + digestion.


Stinging nettles are green giants packed with essential vitamins + minerals pulled from our healthy soil. Nettles are another blood-cleansing herb, fortifying + strengthening bones + blood.


Monarda, or lemon bergamot, revitalizes + shifts.


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