Motherwort, California poppy root + milky oat tips infused into organic spirits


A blend of powerful nervine herbs to ease anxiety + promote deep + sustaining sleep. Deep sleep + access to the world of dreams and the subconscious is one of the greatest gifts we can give body and mind. This formula can help!


Motherwort slows a rapid heartbeat + reduces anxiety, supporting a strong + tender heart response. California poppy root eases nervous tension and hyperactivity. Since it is a member of the poppy family (one that is totally safe for kids and non-addictive!), there is a sedative quality that slows a racing heart + mind. Milky oats, the juicy seeds of wild oats, are a nourishing nervine particularly adept at repairing nerve damage due to their milky sap, which nourishes the myelin sheathing surrounding our nerve ends (which can become damaged from stress). Once repaired, our nervous system is better able to communicate with our bodies + external environment.


To use this tincture as a sleep aid, take at least a quarter dropperfull, and up to half, just before bed. This formula will not give you an "herbal hangover" (aka make you groggy the next morning!).


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