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Adaptogenic Salt


Ashwagandha root, basil four ways (Thai, lemon, Italian + shiso), thyme + Pacific sea salt

An adaptogenic seasoning for every meal, supportive of the immune + digestive systems + their connection to mental health.

Ashwagandha is a treasured adaptogen, a drought-tolerant plant that responds to stress with increased vigor: the roots thrive in the crusty corners of our garden, ranging far + wide to find water. Ashwagandha has equal powers in our brains + hearts, never turning away from the untended parts, helping us respond to stress + frayed nerves with increased warmth + generosity. Ashwagandha is also a powerful herb to support immune response, since mental health + measured stress response are incredibly important to our general resilience.

Basil is another adaptogenic plant, a culinary medicine high in essential oils which are antibacterial. Basil's carminative (sweet + soothing) qualities are also supportive of our digestive + nervous systems (the gut-brain connection). Basil is a folk remedy for nervous irritation, fatigue + feeling run down. The purple color in this salt is from shiso, a kind of basil from Japan.

Thyme is aromatic and resinous with essential oils to power our immune system + support protein digestion.

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