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Fire Cider

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Garlic, cayenne peppers, onion, oregano, burdock root, thyme, sage, horseradish root + spilanthes leaf + flower infused into organic apple cider vinegar.

A tangy, traditional preparation to activate immune response. Fire cider loaded with spicy + aromatic plants infused into the health-giving properties of living apple cider is a staple of the winter herbal medicine chest. It is proof of the power of food as medicine—almost all the plants in this brew can be used in cooking throughout the winter months to further support your body.

Garlic + onions are pungently anti-fungal, viral + bacterial. Garlic, in particular, detoxifies the body + cleans blood, slowing or stopping the spread of pathogens. Garlic also helps digest fats, keeping our intestines (the seat of the majority of our white blood cell production) clear + healthy.

Burdock root is a nutritious adaptogen with particular connection to our liver + blood, helping to move stagnant or infected blood + proteins out of our body.

Cayenne peppers are another food medicine with strong affects on our circulation, warming our bodies + increasing blood flow + purification.

Oregano, thyme + sage are culinary herbs rich in essential oils, which make them both highly aromatic + flavorful + very antibacterial, fungal + viral. Many of these oils are concentrated on the leaf surface as the plants’ first line of defense against pathogens in their natural environment.

Spilanthes stimulates the immune system + white blood cell production.
Enjoy heaping dropperfuls of this fire cider straight or in a glass of hot tea or water.

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