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Image of One-Month CSA Subscription LOCAL PICK UP

One-Month CSA Subscription LOCAL PICK UP


Box of homegrown + handmade botanical medicine reflecting the wheel of the year in our organic garden. Past CSA shares typically include an herbal oxymel (vinegar + honey), tincture (organic alcohol), a bag of freshly dried tea, and one other item such as a salve, hydrosol, or medicinal oil. Please order early in the month for delivery in early October. We will arrange a pickup.

Photo is of our May/June share, which included a 1 oz. Awake (gotu kola, brahmi + rosemary infused into organic alcohol + honey, a memory + clarity tonic); a 2 oz. Rest (milky oat tops, Californa poppy root + motherwort infused into organic alcohol, for easing anxiety + supporting restful sleep); a 2 oz. tea of raspberry leaves, milky oats + chamomile for blood + bone building, and a 2 oz. summer salve of infused oils of borage, comfrey + gotu kola leaf and calendula + chamomile + yarrow flowers + beeswax for healing the cuts + scrapes of summer.

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