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Medicinal teas are our favorite way to incorporate plant medicine into daily life. Rich nightly teas help our bodies process busy days + promote restful + balanced sleep. This blend centers nourishing, calming plants rich in essential vitamins + minerals for daily support.

Tulsi is restoring + replenishing. It is one of the few adaptogens (plants which protect your body from stress) that can be taken at night, since it is not overly energizing. Tulsi imparts a sense of calm well-being which fosters clarity.

Lemon balm is sweet, fragrant + uplifting herb which supports digestion + mental wellness. Lemon balm is a powerful nervine calming to jangled feelings.

Mint is cooling + soothing to brain + belly.

Steep tea for at least 20 minutes, covered. To make a truly medicinal tea, it is best to steep herbs in hot water overnight + then reheat. 1-2 tablespoons per cup.

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