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Image of Summer Flower CSA!

Summer Flower CSA!

$150.00 - Coming soon

Weekly bouquets of fragrant + luscious field-grown flowers for ten weeks in early summer, most likely starting late June.

We are thrilled to announce a new offering from our gardens this year! We have rented a whole new field for cut flower production. And while this is quite a crazy time to launch a new farm-based venture, we hope that these flowers can bring joy + a deeper connection to the other-than-human world in these challenging times.

Bouquets in early summer will most likely be filled with long-lasting snapdragons, sweet william, intensely fragrant sweet peas + medicinals such as tulsi + chamomile. Later summer will bring sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, medicinals such as anise hyssop + echinacea + more. And then my favorites, the dahlias + heirloom chrysanthemums begin to pop.

Pickup will be in downtown Carpinteria or SB or on the farm.

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